Air Brake Test and Commercial Driver License  Sample Tests

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Air Brake test.

Check out the procedure for checking the Air System the Air Brakes and the Automatic Slack Adjusters.

Long Version of the Air Brake Test

I use this one page version when I perform the test on my coach. 

Short Version of the Air Brake Test

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Long Version Short Version
As far as I know States do not require a CDL only a few require a special license and in some states you may need an Air Brake endorsement to drive Motor Homes It is a good idea to be familiar with the Air Brake system in order to drive a safe coach and understand how it works. The following Files contain partial Actual Samples from a CDL test on the Air Brake endorsement and General Knowledge.
CDL Air Brake endorsement test. 

This test is part of the Air Brake endorsement test. I marked the answers on the test page. If you would like to test your knowledge take the test bellow.

CDL Air Brake Test Questions with the Answers

  Mark down the answers for the Questions  as a, b, c or d on a piece of paper 

CDL Air Brake Test

Print out the one page answer sheet to compare your answers. Answers to the CDL Air Brake Test
CDL General Knowledge test.
This File contains the Questions and the Answers on the General Knowledge test. If you would like to test your General knowledge take the test bellow. General Knowledge Test Questions with the Answers  
These questions are part of the General Knowledge Test it consist of 100 questions. Many of them do not apply to Motor Homes.  General Knowledge Test
Compare your answers here.

  General Knowledge Answers  

Check out this 81 page Air Brake Manual in PDF when you have nothing to do. 

Understanding Your Air Brakes