Air Brake Test (Short version)

Air Governor Test
1. Start Engine
and build air to max.
2. Fan brake to about 85 psi.
Compressor should come on.

Static Brake Test
1. Level location, or block all wheels. Transmission in neutral.
2. Turn engine off and release parking brake.
Keep foot off service brake. Air loss should not exceed 2psi in one minute.

Applied Brake Test
1. MAKE FULL Foot Brake Application. (Make SURE park brake is released or you will damage the system
2. Hold the pedal all the way to the bottom for one minute.
Air loss less than 3psi in one minute. (AUTO SLACK ADJUSTERS WILL SET UP AUTOMATICALLY.)

Low Air Warning Device
1. Turn on key. DO NOT START ENGINE. Fan brakes.
LOW AIR WARNING buzzer should start at 60psi

Emergency Brake System Test
1. Turn off ignition key Fan Brakes to below 45psi,
emergency brake must engage automatically.
2. Start the engine and try to move the coach slowly
against the emergency brake with low air pressure. Place the transmission in neutral after test.

Compressor Check
1. Run engine at 1000rpm in 3 minutes air pressure 50 to 90 psi

Emergency Brake Test
1. Build up air until it cuts out.
Put coach in gear. Release the parking brake.
Move the coach slow and apply the emergency (parking) brake.

Check Service Brake
1. Release Parking Brake.
2. Set coach on motion and apply service (foot) brake firmly to see if the steering wheel pulls to the left or right.