50-amp outlet Tester



I purchased all components at Lowe's, the Voltmeter, the two 3-Wire Circuit Analyzers, (purchased them at different time is the reason for the 2 colors) the 14-50P 3 pole 4 wire plug and the double gang plastic box. Cost should be around $30-$40.00 depending on what you can scrounge from your junk pile. 
This tester will check for correct connections on the 2 hot legs, the neutral and the ground with the 3-Wire Circuit Analyzer and for voltage coming trough Leg 1 and L2.

It will also check for FAKE 50-amp service.

The size of the voltmeter prevents me to use two of them side by side so I have to move it between the legs.

I wired a Simple Circuit Tester to the 2 HOT Legs. If the outlet is wired correctly the light will come on. On a FAKE 50-amp Service when only one leg of the HOT is used for both legs going into your RV there will be no light showing.

The L1 goes to one outlet the L2 goes to the other one. Gold color Screws. The Neutral and the Ground are common so they are connected to both outlets.

Put the white wire on the silver screw on one outlet and make a bridge connection with a short wire to the other outlet. Connect the Ground to one outlet and bridge it to the other outlet.