I wish to thank all the people whose help and assistance I received for making the RV Electric site. Some of the authorís names are listed on the article they wrote and provided.

Mel Madsen (MELM) from the RV.NET Forum for his article on Campground Service.

Sam L. (Hurricaner) member of the RV.NET Forum for his contribution of the article on Ground on Appliance Outlets by Eric Gunnerson. Sam also provided me with numerous tips and terms to use for a simple and understandable explanations throughout the site.

Daryl Daughters from the Newmarowners Group for his article on Open Neutral

Ed Cohn, electrical contractor and electrical tradeís instructor, Corinthian College, Long Beach CA for the explanation on Single Phase Electricity.



I would also like to thank all the others who sent me Feedback for corrections, suggestions and comments.