Selling your Motor Home.

Here are the choices.
1. Trade it in. You will get Wholesale price no matter how the deal is figured. Dealers do not care what options you have they just look at it as a base model. You can get a wholesale value from a Dealer, a Bank or look it up in your Library from the WHOLESALE NADA book. You can also figure a fairly close Wholesale price from the NADA list on the Internet. Look up your coach on NADA, DO NOT ADD ANY OPTIONS, get the LOW RETAIL price, deduct 15% from the LOW RETAIL. This price will be close to the Dealers Wholesale offering. (Look below for a fast calculation I set up)

2. Advertise it locally. Listing a mid to high priced RV in your local paper or putting a sign on it is not productive in my opinion. If you live in some active RV region of the country like Florida, Arizona and California listing it locally may produce results. Generally you need to cover a big area. I sold my Foretravel to someone in BC Canada. I live in Nashville, TN so the distance was not a factor.

3. Put it on a Consignment Lot. I am not a big fan of Consignments for a couple of reasons. Before you put your coach on ANY Dealers lot call your Insurance Company first. My Insurance Co informed me that they would not cover the MH on a Dealers lot under a consignment CONTRACT. Consignment dealer told me they do not cover my coach. It is my responsibility to have it insured. The Dealer is not responsible for any damage or liability to the coach under consignment. This is spelled out in the contract. You will have throngs of people going trough your coach making it filthy. Some people are just pigs. They do not care about your property and the Dealer has no reason to screen out the tire kickers.

4. Sell it on e-Bay. I do not believe in this but there are people who had good experiences with e-bay also you will get exposure so you may get lucky. I wouldn't bid on a coach unseen but I did call the seller and looked at them after e-bay expired. It was not as described so I didn't purchase it.

5. Sell it yourself. I sold 2 coaches on the Internet. Both of them sold within 6 weeks. Get a free e-mail address from Hotmail, Yahoo or others to use for this. You will get a few scams even from overseas do not answer them just delete them. In MY OPINION the most you can expect from an individual is between Wholesale and Low Retail. Unfortunately these darn things depreciate like dropping a stone in a bucket of water.

These are the sites I used:

RV Online

RV Search

RV Trader

There are others but I wouldn't bother listing it with more than three. Lots of coaches are listed for a LONG time because of the asking price. Do not price it in the high end of similar coaches if you really want to sell it. Photos, maintenance records, honest description of its condition and the correct price are the secret. You can post photos on FREE sites like PHOTOBUCKET and link it to your listing. If you have an RV that is priced right, in good condition with ALL service records it should sell.

You will see asking prices on a used RV’s WAY above the Fair Market Value. Chances are the seller paid too much when it was new also may have financed it with minimal down payment. Now he is upside down on the loan “Owes more than the RV is worth” he would like to recoup his money but the chances are slim that the RV will be sold for an inflated asking price.

Resale losses should be minimized when the RV was purchased new by doing research and not paying inflated markups.

Most Internet shoppers are savvy so how you list your coach is important. Check current asking prices first. Your asking price MUST be in range of those listed or you will not get ANY response. If you really want to or need to sell it make your price on the low end of the group and prepare to lower it if necessary. Holding on to the price after 3 to 6 months is useless.

I did not allow anyone to drive it until we made a deal. When you feel comfortable with the deal and the people, the VERY LAST thing should be the DRIVE test. They could still back out but they probably will not if you are upfront with the descriptions and documents. I had some tire kickers, some never owned a MH but wanted to drive it. I told them to try a dealer I do not run a driving school.