Discount, Depreciation and the COST of owning an RV

The following Excel Spread Sheets look at Discount, Depreciation and the Cost of owning a Motorhome. I based some of the Depreciation and the Cost Valuation numbers on the recommendation from Bob Gummersall posts on Rvers Online. I believe Bob has a good handle on this and other RV related subjects. 

It is impossible to come up with totally accurate numbers on DISCOUNTS, Wholesale Values and Depreciations since there are MANY variables from Dealer to Dealer to Manufacturer and the buyers perception on the brand, justified or not. 

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My computer is scanned automatically for all Viruses and malicious infections. I am confident you are safe looking at these Spread Sheets.  

A quick way to determine the Discount YOU are looking for or the Dealer offers on a NEW MH with or without a TRADE. This schedule is easy to use it will give the user the tool to quickly calculate the Discount Price and the approximate Wholesale Value of a used RV. 

Discount on NEW RV from MSRP No TRADE

Discount on NEW RV with TRADE and Wholesale Value

Chart to show the Depreciation on a NEW RV. Just enter the MSRP.  The depreciation starts with the wholesale Value when we drive off the Dealers lot.   The yearly percent figures are changeable by the user to reflect their own beliefs .

NEW RV Depreciation Schedule

This schedule shows a comparison between buying a NEW or a 3 year old USED Motorhome. The user may put in the statistics relevant to their situation to determine costs associated with owning a NEW Motorhome. 

Cost of a NEW RV versus a 3 Year old USED

Comparing the RV (Motorhome) Lifestyle with Traveling by Car and staying in Motels/Hotels with eating out. 

RV Travel versus Car Motel Travel



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